3D printing

We provide 3D printing services using the presented machines in the following techniques: FDM, MJP, SLS, SLA, DMLS, CJP.

Our rapid model manufacturing technique which is 3D printing, based on virtual CAD documentation, allows you to quickly create physical models of the products or their component parts and functional, technical and visual prototypes, bypassing traditional mechanical technologies. This significantly reduces the design cycle and the way the product has to undergo before it goes on sale (time to market).
On the basis of the CAD (3D project) documentation received, or prepared by us, under the client’s guidance, we create and deliver the finished model.

Benefits of 3D printing

The advantages of modern 3D printing technology can be used by enterprises operating in many different industries. They can bring numerous benefits and improvements. In industry, it is possible to limit the time spent on design, and thus reduce the costs of certain projects. Architects or design offices can minimize the costs of the trial and test phase, and prepare a visually attractive model of their concept, which may help convince the investor to their proposals.