Models and mockups in 3d printing technology

We create architectural models, industrial facilities, exhibition and topographic mockups.

In our work, we use the latest technologies as well as traditional methods of creating models and architectural mockups. We combine rapid prototyping (3D printing), laser cutting and rich experience of our modelers to provide the product of the highest quality.

Our qualified team will help to create both a conceptual model and a full detailed presentation of the object.

At Rapid Crafting, we perform extremely detailed architectural scale models that allow quick visualisation and implementation of various types of projects related to the concept of developing the city center or non-urbanized areas. This option is most commonly used by design offices that want to quickly present their concept in a physical version, which gives a much better insight into the application of specific solutions. Thanks to the modern technology of 3D printers, we are able to perform mutliple types of architectural mockups, from buildings and streets, through trees and fences, to various installations. What is important – we are also able to give certain product specific colors that facilitate familiarization with the implemented concept.