3D printing is becoming increasingly available and common technology in many industries. One of the beneficiaries of this technology are doctors. Thanks to the use of generally available technologies and methods of analysis, we are able to diagnose problems faced by patients very well.

3D printing has found recognition in orthopedics. Specialists after taking a DICOM photo / scan are able to generate a 3D model or raw file, which can be used to create a 3D model for 3D printing.

Rapid Crafting offers this type of service. We create 3D models from CT images using specialized software. This solution enables 3D printing of bone or soft tissue, which can be used for pre-operative planning.

The latest CT scanners have build in solutions for the creation and secretion of tissues for 3D models. One of the leading companies producing such devices is General Electric Healthcare. Rapid Crafting already have an opportunity to make few models for G&E. One of them was a section of the spine, which was used for a seminar for orthopedists.

3D printed bone models are a great help for orthopedists, giving greater confidence when undertaking complex procedures.

We hope that the 3D printing technology will become a permanent feature during preoperative planning and become a standard.