Huawei developed an artificial intelligence application for the phone to enable blind people to “see” the emotion on the face of the person they are talking to by translating it into sound.

Facing Emotions, developed by the Polish Association of the Blind, uses the Mate 20 Pro rear camera of Huawei’s phone to read the emotions on the face of everyone the blind user talks to, analyzing their expression using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The offline learning algorithm used in the phone identifies the main features of the interlocutor’s face, including eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth. Then it can determine the positions relative to each other and identify a specific emotion.

The casing design from 3D printing was created by the Polish designer Jan Kochański and made by Rapid Crafting.

We have printed 3D models of the enclosures in DLP technology. Selection of appropriate technology ensured dimensional accuracy and aesthetics of the finished product.

At the moment we have made over 200 casings in 3D printing technology. Thanks to this method of manufacturing, there is no need to create expensive injection moulds and the number of models produced ideally meets the demand.

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