3D Printed connector for Ventilator.

During the COVID19 pandemic, companies are trying to help hospitals on many levels. There are many initiatives that use 3D printing.

3D printing technology allows to quickly produce models directly from the 3D file, significantly reducing the time needed to deliver a ready-made solution to the market.

One such example is the connector – the ventilator manifold. Our company Rapid Crafting together with the MSWiA Hospital has created prototypes of the Hamilton C1 and S1 ventilator connectors. The models were 3D printed and tested. We know that in case of an emergency, such a solution will increase the number of patients. They will be able to be temporarily connected to the appropriate apparatus.

Such solutions are not in line with the rules, but they will certainly help in case of a dramatic situation.

We sincerely hope that they will never have to be used, and the pandemic will end soon.

3D Printed face shield

In recent weeks, a gigantic crisis has arisen in the market for medical products and personal protective equipment in caused by the coronavirus epidemic. All products are missing. Production in China is not able to meet the market needs.

Once again, 3D printing comes to the rescue. Companies as well as private individuals carry out various projects that can be produced using 3D printing technology.

Our company Rapid Crafting also decided to join the creation of personal protective equipment.

We designed the face shield for 3d printing and in just a few weeks, we managed to receive the EN 166 standard, as well as submit a patent application.

We got permission to deliver face shields to hospitals and clinics to fight the COVID19 pandemic.

Once again, we have an example of great use of 3d printing technology, which allows us to introduce a ready-made, full-fledged product to the market in a very short time.